Saturday, October 4, 2014

Price Ground Control Iridium GO! Satellite Terminal - Global WiFi Hotspot for Smartphones

Ground Control Iridium GO! Satellite Terminal - Global WiFi Hotspot for Smartphones

Ground Control's Iridium GO Wi-Fi Hotspot Includes a Free SIM Card that may be activated for global use, a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, AC/DC Wall Charger, USB Cable, International Plug Kit for US, UK, EU and AU plug types, a DC vehicle port charger, Protective Cover, GOES Brochure, Users Guide and other documentation. This complete package includes everything needed to pair with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Ground Control has been a Satellite Provider specializing in Global Satellite Communication since 2002.



A Global WiFi Hotspot - Keep your iPhone, iPad, or Android device connected on 100% of the planet with the Iridium GO! portable satellite terminal from Ground Control. Connect up to 5 smart devices via the WiFi Hotspot with a range is 100' feet (30 meters).

Phone - Email - SMS Texting - Web Browsing, and much much more. The Iridium GO! is like a portable cell tower for your smart devices. It eliminates no cellular coverage period. It ships with a Ground Control Iridium GO! SIM Card to let you choose any GO plan offered.

SMS Texting. Send and receive instant messages using the Iridium GO App. Send to both phone numbers or email addresses instantly. A great way to text when out of cell range.

Email - File Attachments - Web Browsing. Send and receive email to your new email address, and include files and photo attachments. Web browsing uses the Opera Mini or WebX browser App to connect to any webpage, including webmail. And while it is slow at 2.5 Kbps, it is a way to stay connected when out of cellular range.

GPS Tracking - SOS Button. Set the GO to send periodic emails of your exact GPS location to anyone. GPS tracking is an excellent way to show progress of a hiking trip, or even asset tracking. The red SOS button on the side is programmable to alert an emergency response team, or send out a text or email alert to anyone you configure it to.


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